Es geht wieder los! Mittwoch 4 August und Freitag 6 August fängt eine neue 9 Wochen Kurs an! Ich hoffe sind viele dabei!

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JUNI 2018

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Summer is here and that means we are outdoors training! we have the perfect location on a big sportsfield in the middle of the village, and with a nice playground for the small ones to play on! Come and join us!!!




Now it’s decided, STRONG MAMA goes to the new Fitness Kraftwerk this winter!

Come and join us!

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Training options Winter 2018!

hello all strong mamas! as you know it´s not easy to find good training locations in Zermatt winter time. I have been in contact with Schaller who build a new fitness in Hotel Phoenix (kraftwerk), with a group training room, FANTASTIC! We ca train in here from January!

I have also asked the people by the sport arena and we are welcome to train in pavillion zur matte (where we have already been one winter) from now on and the whole winter. So, two good options!

In Kraftwerk the location costs 38chf/training and i have to reserve the room! This means that i have to know that at least three people are coming, otherwise i go minus! As i see it, if we want to train in Kraftwerk, i will have to make a Strong mama course where you sign up for 12 weeks (3 januar-23märz) and pay 180chf, no matter if you can make it all 12 times or not!

12weeks = 12x38chf=456chf rent

if 4 people sign up : 4x180chf= 720chf

= I can pay the rent

If we stay in Pavillion zur Matte we can go on like we always have! you come when you have time and you pay the abonement but dont always have to be there….

Positive Pavillion:

  • in the middle of the village
  • spontaneous
  • cheaper

Negative Pavillion:

  • small
  • not so inspiring

Positive Kraftwerk:

  • new
  • cool
  • big
  • inspiring

Negative Kraftwerk:

  • more expensive
  • not spontaneous
  • „far“ away

No matter what you choose, the training days will be Wednesdays and Fridays 10-11 and until new year we will be in Pavillion zur Matte!

SO, my dear strong mamas, what do you want?





Spring 2017 and we have started the season with sunshine and lots of happy mums and kiddos=) come and join us!!!


These two strong mamas will have SORE LEGS tomorrow!!!! 

17th of March 2017, STRONG MAMA is on again. It has been almost 4 months break, but now the tennis courts are free from snow and the spring feelings are bubbling inside us! Lets use this energy to get even stronger than we already are!

Wednesdays and Fridays, 10-11 at the tennis court!